About the President
Dr. R. L. Johnson: born in Texarkana, Texas, later moved
to Dallas, Texas for over twenty years, where he attended
the Dallas Institute of Funeral Service, and earned a
license as a Funeral Director and Embalmer. He served the
community for over twenty years. He also served within
the twenty years as an Autopsy Tech, performing
examinations of a body after death to find the cause of

Later, he relocated permanently to Austin, Texas to be
with his wife and children. Through the past years, he
became well known through the churches all across the
state of Texas singing with power and authority from God!!
Dr. R. L. Johnson, President - CEO
President - CEO of the Board
Dr. R.L. Johnson

Vice President
Henry Horn

First Lady - Director
Cassandra D. Johnson

Secretary - Treasurer -
Maurice Bell

Edward Griffin

Kenavon Carter

Titus Yarborough

Andre Hooker
Thank you and God Bless you!

The President - CEO, Dr. R. L. Johnson
Dr. R. L. Johnson, President - CEO
Later he sung with an R&B group called N2U that traveled across the lands. In 1993, he sung and
traveled internationally. He did a music recording in the United Kingdom, London, England. Later he
returned home, back to church where is heart first embraced the passion and love for God. After
leaving N2U, he then furthered his education with attending a Christian college in Los Angeles where
he became an Ordain Minister and received his license to preach. He did not stop there, he received
his doctor's degree in motivational speaking and Bibliography of Philosophy. At that point, he became
reverend Dr. R. L. Johnson after seeing many years of sick and wicked mistreatments done to mostly
young blacks and Hispanics in the courtroom, and after seeing for many years the sick and wicked acts
of police brutality, beating on young black men, women, boys, and girls, as well as old men and women.

After seeing killings take place right before his very eyes, shooting the young boys and girls while they
were in handcuffs, leaving their breathless and bloodied bodies uncovered for others to see as an
example to the rest. Then police use the oldest lie ever told by saying the person had a gun, just to
get away with the cold blooded murder and rule it out with justifiable-homicide with true intent of
racial profiling, racial hate, white supremacy and other ill reasons that hide behind the uniform, guns,
badges, and the slogan protect and serve!! The court officials hide behind the black judge robes and

After seeing the people in the black communities or community as a whole, in great need of help, lack
of money, food, love, care, concern, protection, and of their rights and freedom, many are destitute
with no one to care. Many of the black community have been jumped on and abused. Many of the
black community or community as a whole are less educated, confused without a since of direction.

So God himself, allowed me to see all these wrongful and wicked acts simply because he was preparing
me for a higher calling and armed me with the power of knowledge and fill my heart passion for the
people and love just for the people.

He filled my eyes with the vision, as he was talking to me ordering me to move forward with the task he
gave me to fulfill. Along the way, he sent some mens of heaven that seen the same things as I have
seen, who feel the same way as I feel, who is also more than willing to devote their life as I will. These
men are my right hand men who I love as my very own brothers. These men are very educated,
upstanding, caring, loving, compassionate men for people and for our black community or community as
a whole. These men stand on true and solid foundation of righteousness, fairness of treatment,
equality, truth, peace, and most of all justice!!

These men are very loyal to me and to the people of the community and because of this visions that
God gave to me, I shared with them that same vision and discovered that we share the same common
ground as we stand on. Today, we are the Royal Society!

We are American Clergymen Activists and prominent leader in the African American Civil Rights
Movement. We Royal Society come to secure progress on civil rights in the United States.

We come to raise the public awareness or consciousness of the Civil Rights Movement, we will fight
hard and fight for all!! Like Dr. King himself, would say "We shall overcome."
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